Jul 28, 2007

Viva Phonograph Record

What tool do you use for listing to music? CD, mp3, iPod ... Music that is most beautiful art in the Earth has been changing as just computer’s data with extension these days such as .wav, .mp3, .aiff, etc. Telling the truth, I’m the one to do it. I often borrow CDs from a library, then creating mp3s by iTune, transfer to iPod ... I did this more than four years. I think my sense of music has rusted recently.

Since my phonoplayer broke down, I sold most records I had such as “Round about midnight,” “Bitches Brew,” “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis etc. I couldn't let go some treasures of mine, Billy Holiday, Dexter Gordon ... but Miles should have stay with me, I regret losing them.

My partner, Ike and I often stopped by audio shops to see record players, but we couldn't decide to buy new one for a couple of years. Suddenly, something told us that we should get it now. Let’s go and get it! Finally we bought a reasonable Sonny phonograph.

The moment we lowered the needle onto a record, "One Flight Up" by Dexter Gordon, it changes our world completely. The sound thrilled us a lot. We felt that they were playing in front of us. I have both CD and record of this album, then we tried to compare both alternately. The CD sounds clear but flat, no edge of sound, especially wind instruments, and kick drum. But the record sounds in three dimensions, warmly, and makes me feel I'm there. I knew it was, but I really felt this feeling.

We often go to used-record store to find our treasure. Here’s my favorite lyric from “Fantastic Voyage” by Lakeside—We just want you to feel nothing but pleasure, musical pleasure, truly a treasure, musical treasure."

Jul 7, 2007

Live Earth ... --- ...

Today, July 7th, 2007, Concerts, “Live Earth” kick off, Sydney, NY, London, Johannesburg, Rio De Janeiro, Shanghai, Hamburg, and Tokyo. It’s airing now on TV. My favorite musicians haven’t showed yet, maybe later, but its commercials are very interesting. It’s its original, many celebrities appears. I saw several versions, Camelon Dias, Ken Watanabe, Chris Rock, Pierce Brosnan, and so on. These commercials would showed us what we can do for saving our planet. Camelon turns off plugs she doesn’t use now, and recycle papers at your company, Ken Watanabe prefers a bike than a car, and plug off chargers of a cell phone, or a mp3 player when he finished it.
The things I already try: Recycle pet bottles, plastics, papers, using Eco-friendly detergent, or baking powder, clean up oil before wash dishes, and pan. I like to take my shopping bag, my Thermos bottle really helps to reduce buying beverages, and at coffee shop I can save not only the Earth, but also ¥20. I don’t drive a car, motorbike. I like to walk, and use mass transitions, then I read a book or listen to the music. You can save your time, too. Let’s save our planet, recycle, and living healthy!