May 27, 2007

To the Land of Funk

Allow me to write in English today if it’s not perfect. I want to bet my chances to be hit all around the world. Last week, May 19, 2007, I went to see “Lakeside,” ’70–’80 legendary funk band, at Cotton Club, Tokyo. ’90s Hip Hop generations also know Likesides’ songs such as “Fantastic Voyage,” “It’s All the Way Live” as Coolio’s big hits of Rap. Lakeside is its original, and still the original. Cotton Club was filled the great audience who were dancing, singing, and showing their respect to this legendary band.

The guitarist Steave Shockley—at right on this picture— is awesome. Songs written by him have great groove with his funky rhythm guitar. When Lakeside came and had gigs at MZA Ariake near Toyosu in Tokyo about 17 years ago, I had just begun learning guitar. And I was mesmerized, the music was ringing in my whole brain more than two weeks I could do nothing but spacing out. This time I had an opportunity to have a conversation with him, then I said “My first experience of Funk music is you. I often play a guitar with your music.” Steave and a bassist Marvin would answer me “You’re gonna play with us next time we come to Tokyo.” Thank you, Lakeside, I love you. ;-)