Jul 19, 2008

The way to bring back to the stage:
Part 1 - I miss this feeling

What's uuuuuup! Wow I don't know why I'm so excited. Since I've decided to live for me and people I care, dark clouds in my mind had been gotten rid of. I learned that something new for you would be always waiting for you if you take a step forward. When I changed my job, it was scary, truly scary. And at first, I thought I made a mistake. I should stay same old place, just sit tight and denied myself if you didn't like there. But I made a right choice. Move to next stage in your life. You can meet new people, good one and bad one, but forget bad guys, stay with good new people, the keep your mind flesh and clean. I learned a lot. And I feel the energy for express myself has been coming back from my toes then it has gone up to my brain. I miss this feeling. Thank you my old friends, and new friends who care about me, and who I want care. Love always, Rose


Sen and Tom said...
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Sen and Tom said...

Hi! This is Sen-Chan and Tom in France (and also #1...). Thanks so much for visiting our blog! We were excited to read about your soul singing! We will check in to your blog regularly!


nakatani said...

I miss you on the stage, so long time.
and hope to cameback, soon!